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Helping Others To Help Themselves

After I started working in a large facility that managed troubled youth, I realized that a lot of the kids were having trouble managing depression. I talked with some of the school counselors about this, and they told me that they were planning on teaching the kids self-help techniques so that they could manage their symptoms when they were alone. I thought this was really interesting, so I started learning these self-help techniques too. It was amazing the difference that they made in my life. They have helped me so much that this entire blog is dedicated to self-help. Read more to find out how you can improve your life today.



How Can You Tell If Your Teen Is Abusing Alcohol? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

It's not uncommon for young people to experiment with alcohol during their teen years. Since teen drinking is somewhat normalized in society, this can make it hard to recognize the signs of a teen drinking problem. Knowing how to tell if your teenager is abusing alcohol and what to do about it can help you help your child to get back on the right path. How can you tell if your teen is abusing alcohol? Read More 

Stress Management For Farmers And Agricultural Professionals

If you work in the field of agriculture and you are always stressed by the demands of your job, you may need to take time to organize your life better. There are things that go wrong that you have no control over, like the weather and sales, but there are other problems that you can avoid. Make sure that you know what needs to be done, and how to get it done, every single day. Read More